Brisbane-based biltong that is so good, it's worth seeking out

Change your snack to something better.

Low carb - Low sugar - Low fat

High Protein


About us

Who are we?

We're a family-owned Aussie fine food supplier, specialising in making only the finest quality biltong around.

What do we do?

We take our recipes, our ingredients and our methods seriously, because it is important to us that you get the best, every time.

Where are we from?

We're Brisbane based, but still we have our roots in our birthplaces in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

What is biltong?

Biltong is an air-dried, cured meat ‍‍that originated in Botswana, Rhodesia, South Africa and Namibia.

The word itself comes from the Dutch bil ("rump") and tong ("strip"). The age-old method of preserving meat in the way biltong is made is not only a safe and healthy way of doing so, but incredibly tasty too!

Although biltong is made of many types of meat throughout Africa, our biltong is made only from the highest quality Aussie beef.

Why is biltong so good?

Because biltong needs only a very small amount of sugar to cure, it maintains all the benefits of having low carbohydrates with the natural energy and nutrients that you get with high-quality beef. What this adds up to is a great energy boost, without the crash.

Our biltong is not only good for pick-me-ups though! Our exceptional ingredients, receipes and methods mean that it's not only a better snack for your day, it's a better snack for your tastebuds too.

About our Biltong

We are available online, at markets and in stores.

Where can you find us?

Cleveland Markets - Sunday 7am-1pm

Rocklea Markets - Saturday 6am-noon

Fresh Cuts Butchery - In store

Bayside Bait and Tackle - In store

Wellington Point Marine - In Store